The author's desk: Synnøve Persen

Portrait — A Desk at the End of the World: Synnøve Persen, the poet, artist and Sámi activist, meets us at her home on Porsangerfjord in the far north. And she lets us see what is on her desk just now.

The author's desk: Andreas Tjernshaugen

Interview — Almost in nature already: Today, we are introducing the non-fiction writer Andreas Tjernshaugen and his desk which doubles as an observation post.

The author's desk: Tarjei Vesaas

Portrait — Today we present the desk of the writer and poet Tarjei Vesaas. "A desk with a hidden bed," reveals his daughter Guri Vesaas to the journalist Alva Gehrmann.

The author's desk: Erling Kagge

Portrait — Today we present the desk of Erling Kagge. "A desk like on the high seas," says Alva Gehrmann, who interviewed the writer and publisher.

The author's desk: Nina Lykke

Portrait — Today we present the author Nina Lykke's "running desk"